i come to poetry as just one venue for creating experiences of beauty & communion for others & for myself. my writing emphasizes all the senses & acknowledges a world in which humans are suffering & experiencing bliss against wild landscapes that are simultaneously living & dying.


i am a woman who makes a living taking the most personal stuff of your life & transforming it into art. i use the practice of deep listening, of presence & attention, to take your subjects, which are really your stories, your griefs & your dreams, & compose poems just for you.

my rich process of awakening my own creativity evolved into my other offerings, “blood gold & honey”— a deck of tarot poems from which i give personal readings to offer poetic reflection & guidance— & visceral verse—embodied writing practices that i offer as workshops, one-on-one coaching, & an online course.


i feel that my whole life up to now has developed my ability to do this work. i am the daughter of muslim immigrants from india. I have spent most of my life living on ancestral Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla lands. 

i have also spent my life deeply engaged in social justice, community-based work. please visit my LinkedIn page for more information about my work with organizational development, diversity, equity, & inclusion services, and fundraising.