do you have a question in need of illumination?


Coaching is a powerful tool to help you move through stuckness and gain clarity in the confusion of dark times. Do you feel stagnant in your career? Do you wish you were more creative? Are you unsure what courageous actions in the name of social justice are needed from you in these times? 


I am thrilled to be offering coaching sessions that forefront Healing, Justice, and Liberation; a modality that recognizes that living our best lives means leaving no one behind: not our ancestors, not our children, and not the collective. 

I have spent many years honing the skills that make me an attentive, compassionate coach: 


As an oral historian, I learned to listen carefully and ask open-ended questions that could elicit answers that my clients had never spoken or even thought of before. 


As a domestic violence advocate, I learned to listen compassionately and nonjudgmentally, supporting my clients' agency as the most important value above all, providing a soft mirror in which they could view themselves and their lives. 


As a poet, I learned to listen to the spaces in between the words, to trust my intuition, and to speak in images and metaphors that would allow my clients to draw their own conclusions. 


As a somatic creativity coach, I learned to listen to the body and speak her language- moving trauma and blockages much more powerfully and quickly than words can. 


So much of the amazing work I have done over the years, I attribute to powerful sessions I received from coaches who showed up for me, for one or six or ten hours, and changed the course of my entire life. It is my privilege to now step into that role for others. 


Sign up for a package of four sessions and I promise you will walk away lighter, freer, and more clear in your direction. 

I am offering these sessions as part of my coaching certification training hours- please note that they are at a 50% discount from future rates. Sessions will begin in June 2021 and are limited to 20 clients.