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A woman dressed in white with a fake fur stole and big brown wig comes tripping out of the darkened wings of the upstairs venue at the Theatre Off Jackson, to the music of Amy Winehouse.

The performer just barely makes it to the lit stage, using audience members as crutches. She drinks, sinks back into her chair and begins to remove her clothing. She makes her way into the rows of couches and armchairs and flirts with the crowd. By the end of the song, she’s on stage and audience members are screaming, laughing and throwing dollar bills onto the stage. She exits in her lacy white underwear, while stage kittens collect her clothing and her tips.

It’s the Valentine’s Day edition of the Sunday Night Shuga Shaq, which bills itself as the only all people of color burlesque revue in the Pacific Northwest. The dancer is Sadiqua Iman, who performs under the name Namii. Namii is visiting from Washington, D.C. and has a performance planned nearly every night while she is here, including the first weekend run of 2155: An Exploration of Afrofuturism in Performance Art at Gay City Arts.


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