70,000 veils 
with photography by Bill Green

ebook | 27 pages



a selection of poems i have written on the street for strangers, along with short essays i have written about the experience of being a bespoke poet.


excerpt from 70,000 veils:


i have heard that all anyone really wants is to be heard, seen, & loved. i myself have experienced waking up on an ordinary day, my troubles around me, & bumping into a stranger offering poems without really asking for anything in return. i have experienced what feels like unconditional love, when you can have your dreams & desires & dreads reflected, reframed, written poetically & then given to you to take away. it feels like magic, without having to call it anything out of this world.


in the writing of the poem, the receiver is heard, seen, & through this witnessing, they are loved.


70,000 VEILS