bespoke poetry is an invitation to step out of the ordinary & into a dance of co-creation with an artist. it is an opportunity to share an intimate moment with a stranger, a poet, a woman with typewriter that you pass on the street. if you dare to stop and inquire within, you may find yourself having an extraordinary experience- your desires, your needs, your story reflected in beautiful, rich language. a simple souvenir to take home, inspired by you & your life.

bespoke poetry

  • $7 set fee covers shipping both locally and internationally. once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation and pay-link to customize your offering. in other words, it is pay what you will.


    i know i am asking a great deal when i allow you to pay what you will. there is a risk & a vulnerability in valuing the creative, open-hearted creation of another.


    i fully embrace this model because i believe in making my poetry accessible. if you offer an amount that feels meaningful to you, then i am delighted.


    for more guidelines, if you are requesting a poem as a gift, ask yourself, “how much would i otherwise spend on a gift for this person on this occasion?”


    consider that many people frame their poems or place them on their fridge. they carry them around in journals & wallets. you are about to receive a gift that will continue to give to you for years.


    if you are curious about the average amount given, please feel free to contact me.


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