handbound by the author, Risograph printing, limited edition

48 pages



BODY OF WATER was written while i was watching, from a distance, the protests at Standing Rock. i was struck by how Black Lives Matter had to fight for air with Eric Garner's last words, "i can't breathe" and how people from Flint, MI to Standing Rock are demanding the right to drink. our access to the earth's basic elements is being challenged & curtailed.


with this insanity as our backdrop, writing this work was an exercise in finding connection & beauty, even in a dark night on the dark sea. i hope that reading it offers you something of the same.


excerpt from BODY OF WATER:


how do we not experience ourselves as liquid? how is it that we believe we are so very solid? when there is water in every square microscopic unit of our skin. when original sin was committed for the juice. when the heart & the honey are flowing through you constantly, cyclically, revolutions around your body which is not just clay & mud, it is not just dust to dust, but sea to radiant, illuminated, numinous, shining sea.