This class runs on 5 consecutive Sundays from September 13th to October 11th, from 11 to 12 am PST. The class will happen via Zoom and is meant for BIPOC-identified students. A section for white-identified students is happening on Saturday mornings on the same weekends. Please contact me if you have questions about which section to sign up for. 


Spots are limited to 10 and this is the last time this class will be offered until the late spring of 2021. 


These sessions will not be recorded, in order to offer a safer container for students. I will be available during the week for catch up and feedback to students. 


I have always offered my services on a sliding scale basis. Wix makes this difficult, but if you can pay at the following levels, please reach out and I will make arrangments. Paying over the set price will allow me to make payment plans and scholarships possible for other students. 






as children, most of us did not experience writing as play. the well-meaning adults in our lives focused on correcting our creations for spelling, grammar, & handwriting, rather than applauding our creativity. our schools trained us to write from the left brain, to edit before daring to let the words loose on the page like wild animals & to ignore all feeling in our bodies. it’s no wonder that many of us who are called to write inevitably feel the cold, dead hand of “writer’s block” around our necks.


in visceral verse, we won’t produce polished writing, exchange critiques or discuss craft. instead, we’ll focus on interrupting the high speed data cord from our brains to our writing hands & laying down new lines of connection from all parts of our bodies to the page. no prior writing experience is required. we will leave beginner’s writing mind & enter beginner’s writing body through breath, sound, smell, taste, sight, touch & movement, as well as writing, our own & others’. we will take away many tools to creating work that is raw, visceral, sensual & wild.


This class centers work by Black and Brown authors, both in terms of creative texts and somatic practices. 

Visceral Verse for BIPOC students


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